Review: “Maggie” Brings Schwarzenegger to Life

Excerpt: In the dreary darkness of Maggie, we see a warming, tender light in the story of a father and daughter living in the dark days after a viral outbreak. The film’s pace may prove too slow for fans of the violent, dismembering, undead hordes, but the film is a great addition to the overall zombie canon. Schwarzenegger’s endearing and powerful performance will give you a change of heart on not only this film, but also when considering Schwarzenegger’s artistic range. The film may all have to do about dying and coping with death, but from it, I can see refreshing new life being breathed into Schwarzenegger’s career. He famously said he’d be back, but I didn’t believe him until now.

RATING: ★★★★★★(6/10 stars)

To read my full review, go to The Young Folks


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