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Editorial: Why Post-Grammy Beck/Beyoncé Bashing Makes You Worse Than Kanye

Excerpt: Kanye is once again in the spotlight for his bold move and even bolder ideas, but he has become good friends with bad press. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Kanye is no stranger to making his sometimes outlandish opinions known, but there is a time and place. Neither of which are at an awards show he willingly attended about how they don’t support creativity. That just sounds like the perfect reason to boycott or not attend something rather than perform not once, but twice at this same show. Although he would argue against the very idea, Kanye is not the foremost authority on music. He does make a lot of music I do personally enjoy, but that by no means makes him the best judge for who is deserving of an award. Honestly, if it were up to him, he would get all the awards because, well, he is obviously flawless. He is a small part of a large music industry, and even though he does have knowledge on music, he has no right presuming who is deserving of accolades, and especially no right criticizing or ranking another person’s creative contributions. Now, we have arrived to the point.

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