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Best of the Chicago Latino Film Festival & Interviews

Excerpt: The Chicago Latino Film Festival (CLFF) has come and gone again this year, but it has left a lasting impression. Even at its 31st year, it is still as strong as ever, bringing together films from around the world (and a few from here at home) that we would have otherwise missed out on. With over 120 films and shorts, there was a little bit for everyone, and each film is a masterpiece all its own. That being said, like the audience who voted, I also had my pick of favorites for the festival. It should be noted that CLFF is not a competitive festival, but it does  allow the audience to cast their vote on their favorite films in order to win the Audience Choice Award. The 31stChicago Latino Film Festival Audience Choice Award winners are:

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Interview – The Team Behind Stan Lee’s The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence & Contest

Excerpt: We were able to talk to the creative team (sans Stan Lee) behind Disney/Marvel/Stan Lee’s most recent written project. It’s called The Zodiac Legacy and Book One: Convergence was recently released. We get to talk to the Stuart Moore (co-writer), Andie Tong (illustrator), and Nachie Marsham (editor).  The story follows a Chinese-American teenager, named Steven, who is thrown into the middle of an epic global chase when twelve magical superpowers are unleashed on the world. He’ll have to master strange powers, outrun super-powered mercenaries, and unlock the mysterious powers of the Zodiac. You know you’re already interested, but check out our interview just so you understand exactly why you should be even more excited. Stick around at the end of the interview and enter to win your very own copy, along with original character sketch by the talented Andie Tong.

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Editorial: Why Post-Grammy Beck/Beyoncé Bashing Makes You Worse Than Kanye

Excerpt: Kanye is once again in the spotlight for his bold move and even bolder ideas, but he has become good friends with bad press. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Kanye is no stranger to making his sometimes outlandish opinions known, but there is a time and place. Neither of which are at an awards show he willingly attended about how they don’t support creativity. That just sounds like the perfect reason to boycott or not attend something rather than perform not once, but twice at this same show. Although he would argue against the very idea, Kanye is not the foremost authority on music. He does make a lot of music I do personally enjoy, but that by no means makes him the best judge for who is deserving of an award. Honestly, if it were up to him, he would get all the awards because, well, he is obviously flawless. He is a small part of a large music industry, and even though he does have knowledge on music, he has no right presuming who is deserving of accolades, and especially no right criticizing or ranking another person’s creative contributions. Now, we have arrived to the point.

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