Review: Digging for Fire

Excerpt:  The quiet development of the story is both a gift and a curse. Digging for Fire‘s leisurely pace actively mimics the slow speed in which our own conversations turn into profundities. The only difference is that we tend to be part of our own conversations, so boredom is rarely an option. Watching everything unfold on-screen can be trying since much of the conversation has the possibility of coming off as mundane. The stodginess recedes once the conversation gets to the weighty ideas they have been slowly building up to making them mostly worth the trip. That is where the pacing can play a big role. For the most part, this film takes its consistently steady pace as we get to know the characters. Then, there is a turn, where the tension increases and the suspenseful elements come into play, saving the film from monotony.

RATING: ★★★★★★ (6/10 stars)

To read the rest of my review, visit The Young Folks

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